Wood Fired Ceramics

The spirit of my wood fired work is rooted with the ceramics made in china during the Sung dynasty. The style of this early pottery was elegant, simple, unpretentious and technically superior. This spirit was evident in the late 1600s through the collaboration between a Korean potter named Takatori and a Japanese Tea master named Kobori-Enshu. Eleven generations after, Mrs. Seizan Takatori and her kiln Master Seiji Kogo continued the spirit of Enshu-Takatori at Tsutsumi, Japan. While studying with Mrs. Takatori and Mr. Kogo, I was inspired to pursue the standard of excellence set down centuries before. In my work I strive for strength and grace in form. The glazing is an accent to the form. Use of the wood kiln enhances the color and texture of the surface with unique variations. I feel my best work presents interesting detail while the overall form and balance give strength that is lasting. While my inspiration comes from classical forms, my materials from age-old sources of rock and ash and my techniques from traditional methods of clay processing, the pieces have been conceived in a contemporary spirit. All of my wood fired ceramics are one of a kind.

George W. Peterson III,
111 County Road,
Huntington, MA 01050
Email to george@GWPIII.com
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